Human Design Coaching x Somatic Healing

You are not broken. You are born whole and divinely perfect. Many teachings and institutions have taught you not to trust yourself. The conditioning that we receive from our caretakers, communities, media, and schooling systems encourage us to abandon ourselves. We learn that it’s unsafe to be our true selves, and this belief is reinforced throughout our entire lives. This conditioning is what Human Design calls the “not-self”. If I could tell the world one thing, it would be that you are whole. You are not broken, or flawed, and you don’t need fixing. You don’t need teachers, coaches, or healers to “fix you”. Human design is not about perfecting your energy. It is not a logical, exacting system and it does not come from the head. Human Design teaches us to trust our bodies, to trust our emotions, our gut, and our intuition. It teaches us that all of our own wisdom is earned and it empowers us to get out of our heads and into our hearts. In order to truly learn Human Design, we must embody it. It must be experienced in the body for true integration, which makes it a Somatic practice. Human Design teaches us our own unique internal guidance system, and I am merely the channel that downloads and delivers that personal system to you.

What is Human Design Though?

Human Design is a system that speaks to each person's unique energetic codes, imprinted at birth, and how they relate and interact with the world around them on an energetic level. Human design informs us about our unique strategy to attain and create on the material plane. It can also inform us about the optimal diet for our body, correct environments, supportive sleep habits, our soul’s life purpose, and the types of relationships that are nourishing and in alignment with our soul’s desires.

And What About Somatic Healing?

Somatic healing is about accessing the emotion, the wisdom, the memories, and the truth of the person through their body. As a somatic guide, I am more interested in what your body has to tell me than your mind or your ego. The ego is a master storyteller who desires to keep you “safe” at all costs, even if that perceived safety keeps you small and stuck. Once we learn to tune into the body as an authority, we can begin to free ourselves from the constant “ego chatter” and fear our mind is constantly throwing at us. Somatic experiences can look like; vocal exercises, breathing techniques, energy work, visualization practices, movement, and touch. The goal here is to move the stagnant or trapped energy in the body, to create space, freedom, and a deeper trust in your inner wisdom.

Human Design Coaching x Somatic Healing:

In 4 months, you’ll discover you’re:
-Unique Human Design blueprint and how it guides you in every part of your life.
-Your Type and Strategy and real-life practices on how to work with your strategy out in the world.
-Your Authority and Definition and how to make correct decisions based on authority.
-Your Profile and Incarnation Cross and how it informs your life purpose and why your soul is here.
-Your gifts and lessons through your defined and open energy centers and how to correctly engage with the world through each center.
-Somatic healing to deepen your understanding of Human Design.
-Embodiment practices to help you uplevel and align your actions with your design.
-Experience greater abundance and freedom in being your authentic self.
-Experience deep soul resonance, and unlock hidden truths that have kept you seeking answers outside of yourself.

Who is this for?

The mystic, the explorer, and the curious. For those who are ready to know themselves on a deeper level, and those who are unafraid of the dark because they know that without the darkness they could never know the light. This program was created for the person who wants to deepen their understanding of self and spirituality through the lens of Human Design and Somatic Healing. This offer is for those who are ready to shed the layers of their conditioning, phobias, fears, and blocks to become their most radiant, integrated, and expanded version of self. The self you came here to be. Your soul is ready and the world is waiting, so what’s it going to be my love? Are you ready to let the light in, are you ready to be seen? Are you ready to show up authentically and powerfully and live your design? Are you ready to feel what true embodiment feels like? Are you ready to trust yourself and your body intelligence as the most reliable guide? Then this is for you. The you that lead you to this page, the you whose soul is on fire, is ready. This program is for the wild ones who choose to show up and lead with love.

What do you get?

-4 Months Of Coaching Sessions (12 sessions total, 3 per month)
-Somatic Exercises That Help You Embody the Principles of Human Design
-Discovery, Understanding, and Embodiment of Your Unique Human Design Chart
-Breathwork Exercises to Release Blockages Through the Open Centers
-Coaching Around Your Blocks Through the Lens of Human Design
-Experience Greater Abundance and Freedom in Embodying Your Authentic Self
-Akashic Records Reading - get your questions answered by your guides through a channeled reading
-Reiki Energy Healing
-Spot Coaching In-Between Sessions

Questions about this offer? Inquiries about payment?

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